The Last Prisoner | The Execution of Joseph Wood | Taking on the Eiger

The Last Prisoner- When Cuban authorities locked him up for helping its citizens get unrestricted Internet access, Alan Gross figured he would be out in a jiffy -- after all, he was working for the U.S. government. But after two weeks, he knew he was in trouble and wondered why the people at the U.S. Agency for International Development who had hired him hadn't come to his rescue. Gross was an electronics consultant hired by USAID to set up independent Internet connections in Cuba, an illegal activity because it bypassed censorship in the communist country. His efforts landed him in custody for five years until he was released last December on the same day the U.S. released three Cubans it held. Gross tells Scott Pelley about his ordeal and his activities that led up to his arrest in his first interview.

The Execution of Joseph Wood- The execution of a man in Arizona with a new cocktail of drugs was supposed to take about 10 minutes. It took almost two hours, the longest execution in U.S. history.

Taking on the Eiger - If a villain were about to kill James Bond at the top of a Swiss peak, 007 might make an incredible escape like this. And JT Holmes would be the stuntman to pull it off. The extreme sportsman has been waiting for years to try it. And when the weather was finally right, he flew, skied and then jumped off the Eiger's rock face, pulling a parachute to break his 100-mph free fall. 60 Minutes cameras were there to record the breathtaking event, tried by Holmes for the first time on the famous peak that's more than two miles high.

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