Episode 1

March 5th 2014: a 19-year-old teenager, Nicholas, is murdered in Bristol. A seemingly senseless stabbing, a young life cut short, an unfortunate story which is representative of many cities and youths in Britain today. Filmed over eighteen months, and with intimate and unprecedented access to a police major crime team in St. Paul's, Bristol, this trilogy of films creates a distinctive, unfolding picture of a murder from the time the crime is initially reported. It weaves together the stories of three different worlds: a detective faced with a whodunit, a family desperate for justice and another who'll do anything to save their son from a life behind bars. The desperate last breaths of victim Nicholas Robinson are heard as he makes a 999 call before collapsing and dying from multiple stab wounds. Nicholas was studying at college and had recently got engaged to his long-term girlfriend. The police had only had contact him when he reported his bike stolen two years previously. So who would want to kill him and why? A single black glove found at the crime scene could provide the answer, or will it turn out to be a false lead?A seminal documentary series uniquely shot as a drama. But this is all real life, with genuine and far-reaching consequences. A police actuality series followed in real time as you have never seen on television before. A suspect with an alibi, a fugitive on the loose, and a murder detective and his team that has to find a murderer and answers for a grieving family.

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