Maxxie & Anwar

On the school trip to Russia, Tony tries to seduce Maxxie, but they are seen by Michelle. Meanwhile, Anwar gets a girl but falls out with Maxxie over religion and sexuality. Anwar gets in hot water with the girl's husband. He is saved by Maxxie but their friendship is slow to recover.


By IngridPatriota on Sep 10, 2017

Roundview Sixth Form College's Year 12 history class (and, for some reason, Tony) are going to Russia to study post-Soviet developments in the country. The class is excited to arrive, but not for the "learning experience" that teacher Tom is so enthused over, but because they are planning on a massive party, and are smuggling drugs into Russia stored in Sid's anus. As the group land in Russia, Sid gets through the metal detectors but is close to being found out by sniffer dogs. Fortunately, he i…

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