Sketch is a girl obsessed with Maxxie, despite him being gay. She ends up casing trouble for the gang and accusing a teacher of molesting her during auditions for Osama: The Musical. She drugs Michelle and takes her part in the play. She kisses Maxxie as part of the performance, but he remains uninterested in her. She is left in front of the audience in tears.


By IngridPatriota on Sep 10, 2017

Sketch is a young carer for her disabled mother and is obsessed with Maxxie. Her schemes to make him fall in love with her endanger the college's production of "Osama: The Musical" and leads her to lie about the drama teacher molesting her, to get a role in the play. Sketch befriends Michelle after seeing her fail to seduce a hesitant Tony, who now also suffers from erectile dysfunction. Sketch drugs Michelle to take her part in the play as Maxxie's love interest. The two kiss on stage as writte…

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