Today is exam results day and Chris's funeral. The gang are barred from attending by Chris's dad, so Tony and Sid steal the coffin so they can have their own service. After giving it back, they watch the proper service from the hill. Afterwards they open their exam results. Maxxie invites Anwar to London. Tony and Michelle say goodbye and give Sid a plane ticket to New York so he can search for Cassie.


By IngridPatriota on Sep 17, 2017

The mailman delivers mail to all the gang. Their grades are in and this will decide where they head for university. Sid ended up spending the night at Tony's house. Tony says to forget about Cassie. Sid says he already has forgotten about her. Then get out of bed. Sid heads home where his mom has been worrying about him. His mom passes him the A level results and a NY postcard from Cassie. When he looks at the back of it, it's totally blank. Cassie hasn't written anything on it. Someone comes by…

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