Your Fault

When Lynette's father-in-law Rodney Scavo (Ryan O'Neal) visits, she learns that he has been cheating on his wife and that Tom has known about it. Susan dislikes Julie's growing romance towards Zach, and decides to chaperon the school dance to watch over them. Paul ensures that Susan does not know too much about the secret surrounding the Youngs. Bree ignores Rex's attempts to resolve things, while their divorce lawyers sort out their possession, claiming she wants "revenge" for cheating on her. Gabrielle is approached by John's parents, who ask her to convince him to go to college, as he is already eighteen. John, however, plans to leave home and proposes marriage to Gabrielle, which she declines, claiming she still loves Carlos.


By IngridPatriota on Aug 26, 2017

Lynette's father-in-law, Rodney Scavo, arrives in town on business and stays with them. However, when Lynette catches Rodney fooling around on their couch with another woman, she throws him out on the street. After Tom manages to get things smoothed over he tells Rodney that everyone makes mistakes-- including himself. Susan catches Zach and Julie making out and demands Paul to do something about it. Zach then invites Julie to a school dance which Susan and Paul monitor. After the dance, Paul te…

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