Mike is arrested for the murder of Martha Huber. Susan bails him out by telling the police that they were together on the night of the murder, but is later heartbroken when she discovers his criminal record and soon breaks up with him. John's roommate Justin blackmails Gabrielle into having sex with him by becoming their new gardener. Tom has a promotion as vice president of his company, but Lynette discourages him from taking it, fearing that she will have to look after her wild children for longer hours. After finding a condom in the laundry, Bree discovers that Danielle is planning to lose her virginity to John, and persuades him to break up with her. While Zach is throwing a pool party for the neighborhood teenagers, Julie is disturbed by his sadistic mentality and ends their relationship. Susan discovers Andrew and Justin making out in the pool, forcing Andrew to claim that he is not gay.


By IngridPatriota on Aug 26, 2017

Susan decides to take action after learning that Mike may have had something to do with Mrs. Huber's murder. With the urging of her friends, she reluctantly phones a tip into the police that Mike may be responsible. That afternoon Mike is arrested as Susan arrives home from grocery shopping. Mike is quickly let off the hook when Susan provides an alibi after realizing she was with him the night of the murder and that it was their "first time". Later, Susan is asked to be interrogated at the poli…

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