I Remember That

Orson opens up to Bree about his past, while Mike begins to remember his; Lynette and Tom's business relationship takes a turn for the worse after Tom hires Austin to work at the pizzeria; and Zach takes notice---and umbrage---when one of his lawyers dates Gaby.


By IngridPatriota on Aug 27, 2017

Mike has been seeing a hypnotherapist to try to remember details of his relationship with Monique. He now recalls how they first met—she needed a plumber. She hit on him and he said he was seeing someone. She said she was too, but he's married and she's drunk. He had to go to the store for a tool, leaving his toolbox behind. When he came back, he saw someone else was there, but, in his hypnotic state, he can only remember seeing yellow rubber gloves. He doesn't know who the murderer is, but at l…

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