We're So Happy You're So Happy

Gaby tries to salvage what's left of her social stature; Lynette discovers Porter's softer side; the men in Susan's life meet; Bree must juggle marriage and career; Edie once again sees just how hostile Wisteria Lane residents can be; and Mrs. McCluskey enlists Katherine's help in digging up info on new neighbor Dave.


By IngridPatriota on Sep 17, 2017

The episode begins with Jackson bringing in the newspaper one morning and meeting Mike, who stopped by to return M.J.'s video game. When Mike suggests he should hang out with Jackson, Susan protests, but later agrees when he threatens to fight for M.J.'s custody. Mike and Jackson quickly become friends after they hang out one night. Susan is initially pleased, but is soon upset when she discovers Mike and Jackson exchanged sex tips with each other. One night, Susan meets up with Mike at the bar…

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