My Two Young Men

Angie's former boyfriend Patrick (John Barrowman) shows up; Gaby and Susan wage war with their kids as proxies; Bree invites Sam to a family dinner; Lynette is suspicious of Preston's fiancée (Helena Mattsson); and Katherine comes out of the closet.


By IngridPatriota on Oct 30, 2017

M.J. and Juanita's class are selling candy bars for a fundraiser and the student who sells the most gets a prize. Susan wants to help M.J. since he does not feel that he will win as he does not win at anything. Meanwhile, Gaby is doing her hardest to make sure Juanita wins so she can start making new friends. A rivalry soon develops between Gaby and Susan when neither will let the other win so they go to great lengths to sell the chocolate bars. They even start selling to the neighbors at…

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