Then I Really Got Scared

Paul's health is declining and he suspects that Susan is responsible for it; Lynette and Tom fight about their family vacation; Gaby lets Juanita watch a horror movie and soon regrets it; and Bree dates a detective, but doesn't trust him.


By IngridPatriota on Feb 24, 2018

Paul begins to suspect that Susan is trying to kill him by poisoning his food (which really is poisoned, though by Felicia who is clearly setting it up to make it look like that Susan is the culprit) and he has the food tested. He then finds out that the food will cause him a slow, painful death.Meanwhile, Tom and Lynette want to take the family on a vacation: Tom wants to take them to the luxurious Hawaii, while Lynette wants to take them on a trip to the Grand Canyon, a national park and a sev…

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