Get Out of My Life

Susan discovers who the father of Julie's baby is; Orson makes it his duty to nurse Bree back to health; Mrs. McCluskey throws Roy out of her house and he finds refuge at the Solises, where he proves to be an effective disciplinarian to Juanita and Celia, so Gaby won't help him patch things up with Mrs. McCluskey; Porter and Preston Scavo are evicted from their apartment and want to move back home, but Lynette has other ideas; and Mike tells Renee about Ben's loan-shark problem.


By IngridPatriota on Mar 9, 2018

Orson has moved back in to take care of Bree and she reveals everything about the murder and how it destroyed her relationships with Gaby, Susan and Lynette. Later, Orson refuses to let the other women in and lies to Bree about them visiting. He suggests taking a vacation to Maine since he has recently inherited a property from his late aunt, she agrees to go but first tells him she thinks it's time to make amends with the girls because in a way they saved her by sending him to her. Worried, Ors…

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