Thank You, Seiji! A Power Born From Love!

As Blue, Mirage, and PhanPhan watch from the Pikari Shrine, the Pretty Cures attempt to make their way to the red planet when Seiji appears and attacks them. The others attempt to remind Seiji of who he is to create an opportunity for Megumi to reach him, the two crash landing on the red planet, Red points that the only way for it to be removed from Seiji is either his death or Megumi's. Megumi tells Red that she has come to understand Seiji's feelings, strengthening her resolve to convey her feelings to him in a one-on-one battle. Breaking through Seiji's attacks, Megumi confesses her gratitude and love for Seiji while reaching his true feelings. This allows the Cures to destroy Red's crystal and purify Seiji back to his normal self. Shocked by this turn of events, Red is furthered angered by Blue and Megumi saying that love can overcome hatred as he resolves to personally destroy everything.

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