Head Case

An NYU professor is found in his apartment, having been decapitated. Andy and Bobby tell his mother, who seems more concerned about finding the car they owned together. The case comes together when a mentally unbalanced former student is located and interrogated, but it hits home when the man's mother collapses upon realizing her son is really dead. Porn starlet Vanessa Del Rio is getting harassing phone calls, and James finds the twerp who's doing so. He also gets some pictures of Del Rio for his friend Manny, whom everyone assumes is not real, but a guy named Manny does show up to claim the pics. Andy is in knots all day because Andy Jr. is showing up that night and Andy thinks his son's in trouble with the Air Force. He finds out that Andy Jr. got an honorable discharge after tearing his rotator cuff and is going to join the Hackensack, NJ police force.

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