Nick Snowden (Tom Cavanagh), who is really Santa Claus, falls for Sandy Brooks (Ashley Williams) who is a pretty zookeeper, who works at the zoo from which he must rescue Buddy, a young reindeer who has not yet learned to fly. He needs her help to get Buddy out, so he followed her to a boarding house that she is living at. Nick meets Lorna who is the landlord and owner of her boarding house. She thinks Nick is a tennant and got to know him and let him stay in the boarding house. Nick meets Hector, whose mother who is a postal worker and Hector figures out Nick is Santa Claus. Nick meets Sandy and falls for her. Sandy fell for him too and is unaware that he is Santa Claus. He helps Nick, get Buddy out of the zoo and back to the North Pole. Nick usually teleports himself in and out by mirror, the only way the mirror works is by using North Pole snow. Buck Seger who is a hunter who works at the zoo and has a crush on Sandy. He see's Nick as a rival and research Buddy that he is from the north pole. He is planning on selling Buddy.

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