Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly

While Nancy looks for a missing Barbara and realizes that Jonathan may have been the last person to see her, Mike and his friends go out with Jane to find the missing Will. Meanwhile, Jim tracks Will to the lab.

Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Aug 28, 2016

Barbara wakes up gasping and finds herself at the bottom of what appears to be Steve’s pool. The water is gone and black trails of liquid cover the surfaces. The monster growls at her from the shadows and Barbara runs to the side. In Steve’s bed, Steve and Nancy kiss. Barbara is unable to get a grip and slides back, screaming. Nancy hesitates but then tells Steve that it’s nothing. Barbara reaches the ladder and starts to crawl out, but the monster grabs her and drags her back. La…

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Episode Discussion

bungle posted 25 days ago

agreed; i'm a little late to the party, but am finally getting around to enjoying this series. =)

JuanArango posted a year ago

This is so true to the 80's, everything is perfect: directing, acting, setting and the music, what a treat!

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