Hollywood Ending

Howard, Jason, and Samberly race against the clock to find a way to reopen the rift and send the Zero Matter back to where it came... and receive help from an unexpected ally in their quest.


By Gadfly on Mar 2, 2016

60 Seconds Ago... Jack orders Samberly to fix the timer, and the scientist shuts down the jammer. When Peggy aims a gun at Jack, he doesn't believe that she'll shoot him. She says that used to be true but it isn't now, and orders him to put the timer down. Jack refuses... and a burst of energy sweep over the group. Jack tells them that the detonator is still armed, and they go inside. There is zero matter on the floor and the gamma cannon is intact. They find Jason buried in the rubble, and h…

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Episode Discussion

mike1616 posted 2 years ago

As this episode came to an end I thought that it deserved a 3rd season, but of course it was Canceled instead. At least Peggy and the good guys where successful in stopping the power crazed Whitney from becoming all powerful and curing the good Dr Jason Wilkes from being over taken by the Dark Matter. Peggy finally sees that Daniel Sousa is more than he seems and jumps in his lap and kisses him passionately. But, the show ends with Agent Jack Thompson opening his apartment door and getting shot. Yes it's a bit of a cliff hanger, but at the same time it also feels like he deserved it for all the back stabbing and double dealing he did. As far as final episodes go, it wasn't the worst but it did OK in wrapping up all the major story lines and the little loose ends really didn't seem to be that obvious unless you really looked for them. As far as a score for this show goes, a solid 8/10, but a score for the series is an easy 9/10. Just with it could have gone on for a couple more seasons.

For a FULL blow by blow description you should read the RECAP by GADFLY (Continue reading ») above, it is very descriptive and is one big spoiler if you haven't seen it yet.

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