Sucker Punch

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starrjinx posted 2 years ago

My comments interspersed within two different TV description as follows. <<<< and >>>> Dr. Dani treats a boxer who wants to get back in the ring; <<<<it was a set-up; after Dani works with the boxer and was leaving, the guy grabs and kisses her which, unknown to her, is photographed and she is then blackmailed, Troy accuses her of conduct "unbecoming" >>>> TK seeks treatment at the V3 clinic; <<<<the doctor there promises him a miraculous cure for his injured shoulder; a 3 week repair instead of 3 months>>> Nico follows a new lead. <<<<Nico & TK get together with their own plan so that when TK goes in for his "miraculous" cure/treatment, he steals some of the medicine

and gets out instead, with the intentions of having it tested - just what is this "medicine" anyway?>>>> A championship boxer seeks Dr. Dani's help concerning a return to the ring; both Nico and TK look to find what they need at the V3 clinic; questions arise as to Abby's allegiance after she is brought into the confidences of the V3 Corporation. <<<<lots of undercover maneuvering going on here, Troy fired Paloma & gives her a huge pay-off to keep her mouth shut; Paloma goes to Nico and Dani with said $100k check which they then take to Connor who has (literally) gotten back in bed with Abby Bruce & proposes a merger of their two companies ousting Troy. In the meantime Troy is ALSO proposing a merger with Bruce, only this one will cause the collapse of V3 and Connor being pushed out. Hmmmm, and in the background, Abby Bruce is - what? joining Troy? or is she hooking up with Connor? She is definitely up to something, but whose side will she finally decide on? She has managed to get some pretty damning comments from Troy on tape. During all of this, Connor definitely looks to be the "good guy" but alas, he is not....HE has been the one doing all the manipulating and back-stabbing all along. Ah Ha! the plot thickens]>>>>

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