Wrath of the Villains: A Dead Man Feels No Cold

The GCPD take Nora to Arkham when her condition worsens, and Victor breaks into the asylum in his new guise as Mr. Freeze. Meanwhile, Oswald undergoes extreme treatment at Hugo's hands, and Alfred finds the mysterious M. Malone that killed Bruce's parents.


By Gadfly on Mar 8, 2016

The police drive to Ace Chemicals when the alarms go off. Jim and Harvey go in and wonder everyone is, and Jim warns the officers that Victor was spotted entering the building 20 minutes ago, and he's extremely dangerous. They go in find cops frozen solid. Continuing on, the officers find another guard impaled by icicles, and a badge belonging to a missing night janitor. They confirm that a canister of liquid helium is gone, and another frozen corpse is there with the words "Free my wife" writte…

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