Week 7

After viewers learn who was eliminated after the Olympic challenge cliffhanger from the previous episode, host Alison Sweeney tells all the contestants they are switching to blue vs. black teams. And the winner of this week's temptation will control the fate of all of the contestants, getting to choose which players go on the blue team with trainer Bob Harper and the black team with trainer Jillian Michaels, as well as which player gets immunity. But after proving victorious at the high-calorie temptation that put their memory to the test, the winner quickly finds their game-changing choices alienating several players - and one of the trainers. Later, the newly-formed teams face off on the roof of a very tall building for a pulling challenge that will bring the lucky winners a special prize from home. Then Dr. Huizenga meets with contestants to give them their updated "Know Your Number" scores revealing how dramatically their health has improved in just seven weeks on othe ranch. Finally, a tense weigh-in pits blue team against black before another player is sent packing.

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