Week 6

The pressure mounts as Jillian must decide which five men will have the opportunity to take her home to meet their families. But first, the remaining eight bachelors are treated to an exclusive private train ride on the famed Rocky Mountaineer, traveling over 650 miles across the Canadian Rockies with breathtaking stops along the way. Roses are up for grabs on two crucial individual dates and one group date. If a bachelor does not receive a rose on the individual date, he must leave the train at the next station. The men ramp up their pursuit as the situation gets more serious, with one guy sneaking around for extra alone time with the Jillian, another putting on a spectacular display and yet another pleading to stay. It's obvious the bachelors' anxiety has reached an all-time peak, but in the end Jillian will offer her final five roses without hesitation to those lucky men.

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