The Era of the Ladder

Eddie and Sarah begin the Infidelity Rehab Program, while Hawk makes a new friend in Ashley, a popular girl his age who needs help with her family's finances. Meanwhile, Cal offers to help a wealthy donor's drug-addicted son.

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samserial posted 2 years ago

A fight between faith and personal desire.

With Actors Lke Aaron Paul & Hugh Dancy The Path builds one hell of a foundation for seasons to come. It demonstrates the potential to grow deeper and more rewarding as it matures, like any drama Katims has been associated with. The Path begins with Eddie already suspicious of his faith, following an encounter with a defector and his own personal revelations about the group's leadership following a trip to a healing center in Peru. In the episodes that follow, a great deal of the dialogue centers on his uncertainty in relation to whether or not to defect himself. It's a big decision, to be sure, but the writing offers little in the way of nuance or original ideas each time Eddie is volleyed back and forth between the spiritual and philosophical certainty of Meyerism and the depressing yet liberating instability of "the real world." The Path is unfortunately content to focus on a variety of rote melodramatic byways that give little insight into the fight between faith and personal desire, or the psychological relief and societal bliss that believers expect from their chosen religions.

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