Detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames investigate a diamond heist in a house that left its two occupants and one of the robbers dead. Karl Atwood, the criminal who planned the heist, attempts to trick the police into thinking that the robbery was mob-related, but the detectives uncover the deception when they track down a lead that shows that he served time in a Canadian prison, and has skipped parole and crossed the border. Goren and Eames interview Atwood's girlfriend, Gia, and tell her that he was infected with AIDS in prison, and that he has passed it on to her. They promise to be lenient on her and get her treatment if she will help them to apprehend Atwood. She arranges to meet with Atwood, and when the buyers for the diamonds arrive at a hotel, Goren and Eames arrest everybody. They inform Gia that she has not contracted AIDS.

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