Homo Homini Lupus

Unable to raise money to make a payment to Carl Pettijohn, a dangerous loan shark, stockbroker Lucas Colter returns home from a morning jog to find that his family is missing. Colter's mother-in-law goes to the Major Case Squad with her suspicions that the family was kidnapped for ransom. Detectives Goren and Eames attempt to gain Colter's cooperation, but he makes repeated excuses and tries to avoid them. Colter takes a phone call from the kidnappers who begin threatening the lives of his family, and rape his eldest daughter, Maggie. Colter asks his father, Melvin, for help in paying off the loan shark, and the family is returned. Initially suffering from Stockholm syndrome, the family deny that they were kidnapped, until Eames gains the trust of Maggie who recalls a tattoo on her rapist. The detectives track down Pettijohn, who gives up the names of his bagman. When they arrest Simon Matic, a former Serbian soldier, he inadvertently reveals his tattoo, which matches the sketch provided by Maggie.

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