Pretty Little Lawyers

A lawyer at a firm is poisoned and the team is called in to investigate. While they work the case, Kirsten discovers that Camille has been seeing Liam. Meanwhile, Linus wonders if Camille is cheating on him, while Maggie deals with a former boyfriend who is the senior partner at the firm.


By Gadfly on May 4, 2016

Kirsten is in her room working on her board and adds the note she received after the end of the last Stitch. Camille goes by and notices what she's doing, and wonders what happens when Kirsten runs out of wall space. Kirsten figures that she'll have found Daniel by then, and tells Camille to go bed by then. At a law firm, Randall Cooke sees a first-year associate, Anna Parker, sitting at a table in her office. He wonders why she's there late and goes in, and discovers that Anna is dead. Th…

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JuanArango posted 2 years ago

Loving the show more each episode :)

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