Episode IV: A New Hope

Sam and the boys return from a road trip and discover that they have been fired from their jobs and evicted from their apartment. Meanwhile, Andi refuses to patch things up with Sam, and the Devil returns with a new assignment. Sam must capture 20, then later 40, souls - all of whom are extremely violent. Sock and the guys move back in his mother's house, looked after by his new step sister, who Sock is very attracted to. The devil tells Sam that he is nothing special and all his children have failed him in his hope of bringing chaos to earth. Sam douses the souls with water and sends electricity through it, thereby electrocuting them back to hell. The Devil takes back his statement at the end of the episode. Sam asks for Andi's help in looking for an escaped soul, who somehow broke his deal with the devil after escaping, so they can have a relationship.

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