Dylan's closest friends stage an intervention at Casa Walsh, where they beg him to enter rehab. Valerie and Clare, left out of the intervention, spend the day shopping together. Steve partakes in the intervention, but he is still angry with Dylan over his sexual tryst with Valerie and he still will not listen to Kelly or Jim or anyone else who tell him that Valerie is the really bad seed. Meanwhile, Kelly's modeling career takes an upward turn when she is offered the chance millions of girls only dream about: the opportunity to appear on the cover of the national fashion magazine Seventeen. Dylan runs away from the rehab clinic after one day with a little of Valerie's help, but begins to alienate her too with his self-destructive attitude and his unwillingness to go after the people who betrayed and stole from him, which leads her to finally walk out on him. Dylan's problems increase when he is given heroin by his pool hall dealer. That evening, Ray has dinner with Donna's parents Felice and John. Also, David and Clare's homemade video of their lovemaking disappears and turns up in the home of Donna's parents. However, Donna's father, John, sees the video first, but being a good sport, gives it back to Donna and makes her promise to keep her roommates under control. At the end, Dylan gets high while smoking heroin, and ends up crashing his car off a cliff.

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