Donna's request for a permanent restraining order against Slan is denied. He shows up in a classroom and tries to tell her something, but she runs out. David and Tom confront Slan, who claims that he was trying to warn Donna about her stalker. Donna discovers that someone has left a dead rat in her bedroom. Slan finally picks a fight with David at the Peach Pit After Dark so that the restraining order will be granted. He leaves town, but Donna receives more threatening phone calls... revealing that he was telling the truth about not being Donna's stalker. Meanwhile, Kelly sets her sights on Tom. Valerie believes that Kelly is dating Tom just to hurt her. Tracy accidentally tells Brandon that she loves him; a fact that he does not reciprocate. Brandon and Tom participate in a charity hockey game with NHL players. The jealous Brandon takes a cheap shot at Tom after watching Kelly kiss him before the game. Also, Steve and Clare consider living together as they spend a weekend housesitting. Elsewhere, David takes an interest in a young singer, named Chloe Davis.

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