The Lord of War and Thunder

Raylan's aunt calls him to tell him Arlo is in jail. Raylan reluctantly goes to Harlan, where his aunt says Raylan needs to bail out his father. Raylan is wary about getting too involved with his father, who as revealed during the episode made Raylan live in fear growing up and who was constantly involved in some sort of scheme. Arlo in part blames his behavior on his own father, who was a religious man who created a house of fear. Raylan eventually discovers that Arlo planned to use his own son as a shield from runners of "hillbilly heroin" Oxycontin, who Arlo stole from earlier in the episode. Arlo's plan worked, as Raylan finds Oxy at the drug runner's house (planted by Arlo's wife, Raylan's aunt) and threatens the Oxy runners with jail if they go after his step-mom (former aunt) and Arlo again. Raylan doesn't even bother asking Arlo where the stolen Oxy or money is because he knows Arlo will not tell him.

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