In the first week, Debbie arrives at the Haller-Wren home and immediately decides they're "dirty, freeloading hippies." She sees a family photo and mistakes Elijah for a young girl. When Reuben takes her to a drum circle, Debbie is so uncomfortable that she walks out and heads home. She's concerned at the boys' lack of participation in "manly" group sports. Meanwhile in the Spencer home, McKenzie is greeted at the door with a scale, broom and mop. She instantly feels disrespected by Mike, and is upset that he, Kirby and Chase apparently never help Debbie around the house and expect their mother to take care of all the chores. Things come to a head in the first week when Mike is exposed to McKenzie's underarm hair while exercising -- and he reduces her to tears. After two weeks in another home, can Debbie Spencer teach the Haller-Wrens how to become more masculine men? And can McKenzie Haller-Wren show the Spencer men how to value and appreciate their mother and -- quite literally -- get Mike to give birth to his feminine side?.

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