The Organ Trail

Angie and Jay are forced to work with a romance novelist to solve an organ legging case at a local hospital before the mayor opens the new cancer wing. Meanwhile, Angie haunted by dreams of her time in a coma... and her first partner and lover Pepper at her side.


By Gadfly on Jul 16, 2016

At the hospital, Dr. Brainerd removes the bandages from a patient, Fibonucci, to check his hair transplant. Fibonucci is happy with the work, but complains about a pain in his side. Brainerd confirms that he’s recently had a kidney confirmed even though he doesn’t know about it, and advises the patient to report an organ theft to the police just in case. Angie is in bed and dreams of her last few minutes with Jay before the bomb vest blew up. She remembers her first partner, Pepper, running o…

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