The Battle of Central Park

Justine and her people launch a desperate attack on the strigoi nest below Central Park. Vasiliy takes an insertion team in, while the city has the convict teams sweep the tunnels. Meanwhile, Dutch and Eph try to hack the strigoi communication network, and discover that Zack is still alive.


By Gadfly on Oct 3, 2016

At the command center, Justine works with her team to set up a plan to clean out the Central Park nest. The convict teams with clean out the tunnels while the police sweep the Park and kill everyone. Vasiliy warns that it's a big gamble, and Justine says that until they take the Park back, they don't win. Everyone heads out and Justine asks Vasiliy if he has a plan. He says that they'll use bombs, and Justine says that they're giving him a small insertion team whether he wants it or not. She wis…

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