In a world of superheroes, a conspiracy theorist named Arthur who lost his father to the supervillain known as the Terror 20 years ago believe the villain is still alive and rumors of his death are exaggerated. Bu everyone thinks that he's insane... until Arthur meets an invulnerable blue hero named The Tick who believes in him.


By Gadfly on Aug 20, 2016

At the Tunguska River Basin in 1908, two locals watch as an object lands from outer space and hovers above the basin. It explodes with a burst of light and energy, knocking the locals down. When they get to their feet, they discover that their reindeer are on fire. One man runs off to deal with his burning reindeer, while the other one stares at a figure floating out of the smoke. In the present, that figure--the world’s first superhero, Superian--is a celebrity after having saved the world o…

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Episode Discussion

mike1616 posted 2 years ago

Not to bad but the new thinner and less chiseled TICK will take some getting use too.

Dji posted 2 years ago

Not too shabby. Love the tick, so hope there'll be more.

TimDavidCasey posted 2 years ago

Good pilot hopefully gets picked up to series

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