Caravan Club

Jay invites the rest of the group to visit the Caravan Club which his own family are members of. Will, Simon and Neil arrive and their experience does not get off to a good start – as the boys are eating dinner in the Cartwrights' caravan, Jay's dad goes to the toilet in a loud and unpleasant manner. Later, the boys head off to the main building at the complex for a party. Will is offered sex by a punk girl; but loses his chance when he decides to take his shoes off and slide across the hall floor like a child instead. After some flirty text exchanges, Simon tries his luck with a girl who Jay has claimed to have sex with; but when he leads her outside and takes his pants off, she is shocked and reveals she doesn't want to have sex, before running inside to tell her parents. Meanwhile, Will's shoes have been stolen by a group of eight-year-olds, and he takes to getting one of them into a headlock to retrieve them. The boys then head off – albeit without Neil, who cannot be found – before Simon can get in trouble for his earlier encounter with the girl. The following morning, the boys find Neil and he explains that he slept in Simon's car, which explains where he had disappeared to the previous night. However, it is only revealed on the Dual-carriageway on the journey home that Neil reveals that he spent the night with the punk girl, who rejected Will earlier, and had been performing fore play on each other in Simon's car – which should explain why the seats are so wet.

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