The Field Trip

It's a new term at Rudge Park and the boys have signed up for the annual Geography and Sociology field trip to Swanage. Although Neil doesn't study either of the subjects, he is allowed to come along by agreeing to help Mr. Kennedy, an alleged paedophile. When the boys are moved from the back seat of the coach by Mark Donovan, the school bully, Will gets a stroke of luck when he gets to sit next to new girl Lauren. The two get on well and Will falls for her, but Lauren unfortunately has her eyes set on Simon, and Will's constant Yoda impressions that Lauren doesn't understand aren't helping either. The boys arrive in Swanage, and as Will and Simon both attempt to impress Lauren, Neil and Jay set off to find the legendary "Swanage MILF" who allegedly has sex with one Rudge Park pupil every year. Simon realises that he still loves his childhood friend Carli and Will takes the opportunity to invite Lauren on a boat trip. The trip is spoiled when the boys return, without finding the rumoured Swanage MILF. After a number of unfortunate incidents on the boat, such as Simon falling into the harbour and beginning to develop hypothermia and the boys being "attacked" by a fish, Jay sets off an emergency flare and the boys are saved, albeit at the expense of looking like idiots to the rest of the people on the field trip.

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