The Gig and the Girlfriend

In an attempt to woo an attractive girl from the year below (Tara), Simon agrees to go with her to see a band called Fails a feat a pub. He tries to impress Tara even more by telling her he will bring cannabis along to the concert. The group buy cannabis from a shady man, and all react differently. Neil takes sleeping tablets, Will cannot control his body movements, Jay is dazed and confused, and Tara throws up on Simon. In another one of his ridiculous lies, Jay claims he can get drugs anytime from his dealer. When Simon asks Jay for some cannabis, Jay tells him that his dealer has gone to Afghanistan to get harder drugs, despite having told Simon fifteen minutes ago that he could easily get hold of some. In order to regain his friends' trust after his string of lies in the past, Jay goes to the school psychopath Mark Donovan to buy some weed, but is given tea and accepts it out of fear of him. As a subplot, Will and Simon stop believing Jay's "bullshit claims" after his dad rumbles one of his stories about having sex in a caravan (which does not actually happen, "Jay gets it on with the cushion"). When the boys arrive at the gig, Jay decides to prove to Simon and Will by trying to get drugs at the venue. After a short search, Neil spots a shady man and he and Jay head over to him. After a short argument with the dealer, he sells them cannabis and all except Will who refuses to smoke it, and Neil who took some of his dad's sleeping medicine, smoke them out the back. While inside, Jay starts teasing Will about not taking the drugs until Will eats whats left of them. Simon accidentally injures Tara in a moshpit, and not helped by a mixture of her being "stoned and concussed", leads to her feeling faint, queasy and throwing up over herself and Simon just as she is about to snog him. After she is sick on herself, Simon, their shoes and the floor, the two kiss and intimately touch each other (she touches his legs and penis and he touches her breasts), but Tara still feels sick and has to stop kissing and groping Simon to throw up everywhere again. Eventually Will starts to feel the effects of the drug and becomes frightened and loses control of his hands. When he asks for an ambulance, Jay refuses out of fear of being arrested, Neil starts falling asleep and Simon is too busy eating Tara's face, and stopping her being sick, to care. With no other choice, Will gets up onstage and asks that they either call for an ambulance or his mum. He is then led off the stage by the bouncers as he looked "proper mental". When Will is being taken into the ambulance, Jay runs away in panic thinking the blue light is a police car while Simon kisses Tara, his first girlfriend. Featuring a special guest appearance by rock band Failsafe.

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