Is That a Potato in Your Sack or Are You Just Happy to Wipeout?

"This week features a new obstacle called Kindergarten Chaos, where contestants go down for a nap.. and the count," says host John Henson. Afternoon arts & crafts and morning recess get combined into one big sloppy Wipeout mess, tripping up contestants at every turn. Players quickly realize that it's not child's play when they're introduced to Kindergarten Chaos, complete with flying paint and dodge balls, leaving boo-boo's on all as they make their way through the course. A Pumpkin Farmer goes up against a Baby Boxer and a contestant who can't stop laughing, as they all endure Nana's cooking before taking on an elevated sweeper arm while donning potato sacks. It's anybody's race for $50,000, and it's guaranteed that things will get messy for these grown up kiddos.

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