The alien Dominators land on Earth, and Barry realizes that he can't fight them alone. He summons Green Arrow and his teammates, and then the Legends, and then Supergirl from her Earth. However, the discovery of future-Barry's message forces Barry to reveal that he may have altered all of their lives when he changed the timeline, sowing the seeds of mistrust.


By Gadfly on Nov 30, 2016

Flash and Green Arrow take cover, and Arrow complains that Flash came to Star City to ask for his help and now they're up a creek. Heat vision flares and the two heroes move out... and find the Legends and Supergirl facing them. 10 Hours Earlier At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team continues testing Wally. He goes faster every time, but Iris doesn't want her brother going off like Barry to fight super villains. Caitlin warns that they'll have a hard time convincing him not to use his powers, and Joe…

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Episode Discussion

Harnas posted 2 years ago

Invasion (1) was the last 2 minutes on Supergirl Episode " Medusa", to involve Supergirl for the Crossover. Legends of tomorrow will be the end of the crossover.

Supergirl (1)

The Flash (2)

Arrow (3)

DC Legends of tomorrow (4)

AJakof posted 2 years ago

I love the crossovers! And this one is exceptionally great.
I found the episode labeled as Invasion!(2), which was a bit odd at first. Were is number one, because Arrows part is (3)? So I guess (HOPE), the one from Legends of Tomorrow will be the labeled "Invasion!(1)", which is the crossing of the t and the dot on the i for this cross over. I did not see the first/last one, but since Legends of Tomorrow is about time travelling this makes sense to me and I would LOVE this little twist in numbering so much!

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