Winter Wipeout: A Sight for Sore Ice

Host John Henson says "Be sure to watch Winter 'Wipeout' -- same cold conditions, new hot co-host." The weather outside is frightful, but the season premiere of Winter "Wipeout" is delightful, as 24 winter warriors battle head-to-head in a frigid free for all for $50,000. Players first take on the frost bitten qualifier with some brand new obstacles designed to lift spirits in more ways than one -- Snow Shovel Trouble, Pain in the Ice and Candy Pain Lane, which boasts the ultimate sugar crash -- and the obstacle built for all seasons, the classic Big Balls. As an added bonus, players who are able to knock off "Smallsy" from the fourth Big Ball will receive $500 cash. Cheerful contestants provide an avalanche of falls, shivering spills and bitter cold blunders, but only the final three who withstand the freezing temperatures with the fastest times will face the all-new, most challenging Winter Wipeout Zone ever.

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