Episode 4

Bobby Mair visits LA to look into pony play, a form of BDSM. He meets dominatrix Submissan and gets trussed up like a pony and made to trot around in the great outdoors clad in a leather harness. In Bristol, the programme meets Ted Parrotman: a man who's slowly turning himself into a parrot using body modification, including having his ears removed to make his head more parrot-shaped. In Berlin, Meryl Fernandes meets Anna Konda, a female wrestler who will squeeze paying men from around the world with her incredible body. She can crush a watermelon with her thighs, and admirers can buy her 'just wrestled-in' underwear online. Jack Guinness checks out subversive sexual TV shows in Tokyo. And Ayo Akinwolere visits a company that makes music for dogs in LA. Ayo meets some of their fervent fans and the dog whisperer who they employ to tell them what the dogs are thinking.

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