Episode 1

Lysander Hawkley may be a tennis have-been and - teacher, 'seated' ranking about 910, he still has the hunky body and boyish charm that seduces almost any straight lady he desires. Alas this time he gets chased by rifle out of her bed bare-bum by an early-returned husband and his hounds, who keep him shivering starkers up a tree long enough for the press to report with picture, rather wrecking his reputation. Lysander's best friend and major creditor, lawyer Ferdinand 'Ferdie' Fitzgerald, now decrees it's time to put his sole serious skill to good use: move to the country, and let neglected wife Marigold Lockton pay handsomly to get her condition and presentation fixed by tennis - and other lessons and to make husband Larry jealous at the arm of the sublime stud...

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