Team Witness goes to Sleepy Hollow to recover the fourth piece of the Stone, only to discover that Malcolm and Jobe are one step ahead of them. Now Malcolm plans to reunite the talismans and use the completed Stone to give himself eternal life.



By Gadfly on Feb 11, 2017

Ichabod and Diana stop off at a convenience store on their way to Sleepy Hollow to buy some snacks. After she buys Ichabod a blue Slushie, they go out to the SUV and Ichabod assures Diana that they're a step ahead of Malcolm if they get hold of the last piece of the Stone. For it to work, it will have to drain the life force of thousands of innocent lives. Malcolm drives out to the countryside and calls to Jobe. He gets no response and cuts his thumb, and then calls upon Satan to direct him t…

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