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Alternate Episodes

As described in the Episode Policy, an episode's default properties are derived from the episode's original world premiere release. The episode numbering, episode names and airdates all follow the Network or Web Channel that originally premiered them. In most cases this data is representative for the rest of the world as well, but sometimes there are differences caused by foreign networks or DVD releases presenting the episodes in different ordering or naming. For those scenario's, an Alternate Episode List can be created.

Alternate Lists

A list of supported Alternate List types is below. It is only allowed to create an Alternate List entry when the scenario matches up with one of these exact scenarios.

Currently, Alternate Lists can only be created by Trusted Contributors; but adding episodes to an existing Alternate List is open to all Contributors.

DVD release

This type of list can be created when the show's official home theater (DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS, etc) release has different episode numbering or naming versus the world premiere data.

For each Alternate Episode in this list, you'll have to specify the season- and episode numbering as maintained in the DVD release. Providing a name for the Alternate Episode should only be done if the name differs from the Episode's original name.

Alternate Episodes

Once an Alternate List has been created, Alternate Episodes can be added to it. For each Alternate Episode, at least a season number and episode number should be provided. Additionally, one or more "linked episodes" should be added which link the Alternate Episode to the underlying original Episode entry or entries. There are three possible scenario's for this.


In the most simple and common scenario, the alternate source (such as a DVD release) merely changed the episode's ordering around compared to the original, but did not re-cut the episodes into different lengths. In this case, each Alternate Episode has a link to exactly 1 original Episode.

For example, in the DVD release for Firefly the first episode is "Serenity", which originally aired as episode 1x11. For this, create an Alternate Episode with season "1", episode number "1" and link it to "S01E11 Serenity".

Merged episodes

In a more complicated and rare scenario, the alternate source will merge two original episodes into one. For example, a cartoon could air back-to-back episodes that are are treated as individual Episode entries according to our policy, but explicitly label them as a single episode on the DVD release.

In that case, create an Alternate Episode with season "1", episode number "1" and link two original episodes to it: both S01E01 and S01E02.

Split episodes

Even more rare is the opposite of merged episodes. In this scenario, an episode that originally aired as a single continuous episode is split into two separate entries on the alternate source.

For such a case, create two Alternate Episodes. First, season "1", episode number "1" and link it to S01E01. Secondly, season "1", episode number "2" and also link it to S01E01.

Random cuts

In extreme scenarios, an alternate source will re-cut the alternate episodes in random pieces. A notorious example is Casa de Papel, which originally aired as 15 episodes of 75 minutes length. When the show was picked up by Netflix, they re-cut them into 22 episodes of 45 minutes length. This means there's no clearly defined link between the alternate episodes and the original episodes, and as such these scenarios cannot be properly expressed in an Alternate List.

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