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  • Mammon


    Mammon is a thriller series in the spirit of "All the Presidents men". However, in this story not al…

  • Stjernekamp


    A group of Norwegian artists compete to find out who is the most versatile artist of them all.

  • Side om side

    Side om side

    Maria and Jonas move away from Oslo's noise and crowdedness to an idyllic house in the countryside.…

  • Mesternes Mester

    Mesternes Mester

    Eleven former top athletes are gathered and live together while they compete against each other for…

  • Unge Lovende

    Unge Lovende

    Three young females are seeking for fulfillment, love and success in the Norwegian capital Oslo

  • Brøyt i vei

    Brøyt i vei

    A documentary series about snow plowing in Finnmark (Northern Norway).

  • Valkyrien


    Doctor Ravn (Sven Nordin) is a surgeon desperate to find a cure for his dying wife Vilma, played by…

  • Folkeopplysningen


    Physicist Andreas Wahl attempts to differentiate myths from facts. Are superfoods really that super?…

  • Det store spranget

    Six horse girls aged 16-26 are competing in teaching their fathers to ride horses. The girls have ri…

  • Oppfinneren

    Tinkerer Erik Alfred Tesaker and his family dream of creating their self-sustaining mechanical parad…

  • Monsen på villspor

    Lars Monsen is left blindfolded at remote locations of the Scandinavian wilderness, with a backpack…

  • Presten

    After a near death experience, Bjarte Tjøstheim decides to quit the popular radio show "Radioresepsj…

  • Hvem tror du at du er?

    Hvem tror du at du er?

    Norwegian celebrities search for their roots.

  • Trygdekontoret


    Trygdekontoret is a Norwegian humor talkshow led by Thomas Seltzer. The show is produced by NRK and…

  • Nytt på nytt

    Nytt på nytt

    A Norwegian humor-show about current affairs.

  • Alt for dyra

    Alt for dyra

    A show about the human connection to animals.

  • ZombieLars


    Lars is eleven years old and a half-zombie, or "living unliving" as the politically correct term goe…

  • Elias och räddningsteamet

    Elias och räddningsteamet

    Little Elias lives in a unique world of interesting animated characters. The little rescue boat star…

  • Ukens Vinner

    Ukens Vinner

    The fat one, the cynical one, and the old one from the radio show Radioresepsjonen, try to make a sh…

  • Monster


    In the north of Norway, a young girl disappears from an isolated religious community. Detective Hedd…

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