Pete Freeland

Pete grew up in Oregon, with his two younger sisters, in the areas of Portland and Salem, eventually spending most of his time growing up on a small farm in Aumsville, Oregon. He attended Cascade High School, and excelled while preparing to go to college. During this time he received his initial real acting experiences, and even won the Best Actor award for the school plays his junior year.

During his time at USC in Los Angeles Pete was exposed to acting again, but due to his course load of engineering, together with his military ROTC commitments and work, was not able to pursue it seriously at that time. He graduated with a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering, and went on to military service flying B-52, B-1, EF-111, and EA-6B aircraft during his military career. After leaving the military, he worked as a engineer for various aerospace companies in US and Europe, especially in the space area.

On a business trip, a friend introduced Pete to acting, and rekindled a spark that had been long dormant. After his return to LA, Pete began seriously pursuing acting, and quickly gained initial success. He set goals to get cast in national commercials, feature films, TV show pilots and co-star/guest star roles, and was able to see enough of his goals be achieved that he was hooked!

Pete continues to work on a variety of acting projects, and has also recently had success as a writer and producer. He was also recently selected in the first class of commercial astronauts and is scheduled to fly a suborbital space mission in July 2017. More info can be found at

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