Axel Green

Axel Green began performing at a young age as a gymnast in his home town of Chapleau, Ontario, Canada. After entering Chapleau High School, he began performing in theatre. He moved to London, Ontario to pursue a career in the arts. He attended H. B. Beal Secondary School where he was a host on a televised newscast for the high school. He spent some time behind the camera as well, training in film making and editing, and produced Public Service Announcements.

Following high school, Axel was accepted into the theatre program at George Brown College. In college he wrote, directed and produced two plays. He successfully completed the program and ventured across Canada to Vancouver where he attended the Vancouver Film School's acting program. He was given principal roles in three different student films and achieved straight A's. During his time at the Film School, he participated in many activities, including the 48 Hour Film Festival. Outside of school, he wrote and produced a play, signed on with a talent agency, and began auditioning for various film and television productions.

Axel attended the Trebas Institute for Post Production. He and fellow film worker, Steve Schmidt, started their own production company, Cooking with Bob Productions, and produced a music video for Vancouver musician Marnie Mains. He continued to audition for various roles and landed roles in several television programs.

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