Amalie Dollerup

As a Dane and a citizen of the EU (approx. twice the population of U.S.A.) her birthday is much more logical; day 15, month 04, year 1986.

So 15-04-1986, not that messed up have a guess US nonsense.

Amalie Dollerup graduated the actors academy at Aahus Teater in 2010.
Her debut how ever was in the movie "Kun en pige" 1995, playing a young Lise Nørgaard.
Best know for her part as the daughter Sille Torp in the TV-Show "Strisser fra Samsø" 1997-98.
Miss Dollerup played the lead in the movie "Nonnebørn" 1997, a performance that earned her a Bodil Nomination.

Amalie Dollerup had her stage Debut 1993 at Amager scenen, and have appeared in a string of Plays.
Is since 2011 permanently employed at Aalborg Teater.

Was January 2015 nominated for a Robert, for best female supporting roll on a TV-show, Amanda Madsen / Countess Friis on "Badehotellet"

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