Murat Cemcir

Murat Cemcir is a Located in supporting roles in films such as piety and Underground player, Selcuk comedy directed by Aydemir was noted in the "Üsküdar Giderken" and "Ramazan Guzeldir". "Calgi Cengi" that has a binary compatible with Ahmet Kural Rules acclaim for her performance in the film. Develop the character played by the actor. Georgian can speak a good level of players are interested in horse riding. Directed Selçuk Aydemir shot in 2010. "Dügün Dernek", wedding films and Works Association has played a major role in power Ahmet rules. Automotive is a graduate of Mustafa Kemal University. Wedding Association at the end of 2013, the film has earned Cetin character with great appreciation. Cemcan is, as of 2014, series of plays featuring "Kardeş Payi".

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