Blair Socci

BLAIR SOCCI is an NYC-based comedian from Southern California. She is very excited to be starring in the upcoming MTV series, LADYLIKE, premiering on June 9th. Blair ,can also be seen ,on a new comedy series, called UPROARIOUS. When she, isn't watching Vanderpump Rules, you can find Blair, performing nightly ,at some of the best clubs ,and alternative shows in town. Once a month, she co-hosts a popular show, NACHO BITCHES, at New York Comedy Club, that she ,co-founded with Corinne Fisher of Guys We F*cked fame.

Looking towards the future, Blair, notes that she wouldn't mind having her own weird ,cooking show after she gets old,and slows down. In terms of extracurricular goals, she hopes to become un-allergic to dogs, cats, and horses, and get really good at drawing.

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