Mark N Tompkins

Canadian award winning painter Mark N Tompkins, lives and works in the United States. Born in Vancouver, Canada, Mark has set up his mind to be an artist, from the early days of his childhood. Having spent most of his childhood in Canada, Tompkins has later attended the Capilano University in Vancouver, where he perfected his drawing and painting skills.

At the age of 22 he moved to Staten Island, New York and thanks to his academic record enrolled at The City College of New York. Having to work on many theater shows and small-time TV projects as a background and matte-painter, made him discover the scene develop love for acting, as his secondary art passion. Trying to build a professional career upon acting didn't go well as he planned it, as in the late 90's he was finally casted in his first film role.

He later abandoned acting in favor for painting, and was quickly recognized for his talents. Lake Placid in 1999, Final Destination in 2000 and Antitrust in 2001 were some of his first big-named projects. Currently, his only TV-related work is with the TV series Psych, as a background and on-set painter.

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Psych (2006)
Show crew as Background Painter